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The countdown has begun...

Discover why 5G could unlock an estimated US$17 trillion in growth through the next decade…

… and why this may be investors' last chance to get in near the ground floor!

Last year, Senior Technology Analyst Rex Moore predicted a massive event that would rapidly change the path of 5G… creating knock-on impacts across our entire economy…

And now...that event has happened.

Apple’s bombshell announcement in October 2020 heralded the rise of a technology Forbes called “the holy grail”… 5G. And with experts predicting 60X sales growth in 5G by the end of 2023...

The Financial Times calls it “a game changer for humanity,” while Forbes says it will “revolutionize America.”

If you’ve ever missed out on investing in the ground floor of technologies like the Internet, smartphones, or e-commerce (yes, I believe this opportunity will be just as big)… Then we think you won’t want to miss this.

But you’ll need to hurry… because this may be your last chance to get in near the ground floor before the race to an estimated US$17 trillion truly takes off!

The estimates are quite astounding, with experts projecting 60X sales growth by the end of 2023!

And experts predict once this inflection point arrives, this technology could in time reach as much as US$17 TRILLION in global economic impact and create an estimated 22.3 million new jobs...

From there, the technology could propel revolutionary trends like:

Self-driving cars

Augmented Reality

The Internet of Things

Remote medical care

Artificial Intelligence…

And much more into the mainstream...

CNN now predicts that 5G's "inflection point" could create:

“The lifeblood of the new economy.”


Bloomberg goes even a step further… Saying it will:

“Transform the way we live and work… And add trillions of dollars to the global economy every year.”

– Bloomberg

As you can imagine, with a shift of this potential magnitude… It’s no surprise our analysts believe that 5G could become... the driving force behind many of the market’s biggest winners in the years to come!

But, before I go any further, allow me to explain why…

I’m confident 5G will go down as the biggest tech story of the year.

Across our lives we’ve seen some world-changing technologies… the Internet, smartphones, and e-commerce, to name a few.

But I’m confident, once I’ve detailed the impacts of 5G… The idea that 5G could be the biggest tech story of the year won’t even be a controversial statement!

And you’ll be left asking yourself what I believe is the right question at this pivotal moment, which is…

How do I get MY CUT of this transformation while it’s still the early innings!

As you’ll see illustrated in the graphic below, there’s a phenomenon in investing known as inflection points.

inflection point

Now, the idea behind inflection points is quite simple!

They’re (rare) moments when a technology suddenly accelerates and sees massive gains in a short period of time.

Not every technology experiences an inflection point. Many simply grow at a uniform rate over time, slowly growing across time.

However, when they happen, they’re powerful.

Because when inflection points hit, growth that previously would have taken years or decades, can suddenly take place in months or – as you’ll see in just a moment – weeks of time!

So, let’s take a quick look at a chart of online retail sales – or e-commerce – for just a moment.

growth inflection

Source: Bank of America, U.S. Department of Commerce, Shaw Spring Research

Now, everyone knows that selling goods online is a big deal! After all, Amazon is now a trillion-dollar company!

However, true to what I said above, you can see that e-commerce was growing at a relatively uniform rate for years…

While slowly — but surely! — changing the world.

And across 2009 to 2019, the percent of e-commerce in America sales grew from 5.6% to 16% of all retail sales.

Now, this 5.6% to 16% growth was an incredible wealth-building event (as I mentioned earlier, it helped make Amazon a trillion-dollar stock!)…

And it delivered fantastic returns to all kinds of e-commerce stocks.

BUT… Of course, there’s still a Walmart in just about any large town in North America. There are still shopping malls… So, transitions as big as the shift to e-commerce, they just normally take a long time!

However, allow me to post one more chart, because it could simply change the way you think about the current market rally.

ecomm after inflection

What you’re seeing is quite simple… It’s a decade of growth, in just weeks!

As you can see, in just weeks e-commerce in the U.S. surged to 27% of all retail sales! Put another way, online sales made more progress in the eight weeks after quarantine began, than the past decade combined!

It’s simply an “inflection point!” … The same growth that previously took more than a decade of painstaking work, achieved in just weeks of time.

It’s almost beyond belief, and very few saw it coming…. But those that did have made a fortune!

Now, I have to be perfectly honest…

I think your chance to invest in front of the “inflection point” in front of e-commerce…. Well, that’s gone.

I certainly believe that many of the stocks listed above will outperform from today’s prices for years to come.

BUT! The market has ALREADY priced in a lot of expected growth into these company’s share prices once this “inflection point” became clear.

And even if you missed out on the biggest gains from this surge in e-commerce stocks… The fact is, this was an extremely rapid and (most importantly!) an unexpected event.

But unlike e-commerce, I’m confident the “inflection point” that will send this 5G skyrocketing isn’t going be caused by some unpredictable event!

More on that in a minute.

But first, I need to lay out the true implications of a 5G revolution.

Why 5G could become technology’s next game-changer.

To understand why 5G could take its place alongside the most powerful technologies across time, let’s take just a brief look across history’s most game-changing technologies.

Because as you’ll see they each moved in three distinct phases. And historically, an “inflection point” signaled the beginning of opening the window of opportunity to capturing their most explosive profits!

Take the Internet.

Today, it seamlessly blends in with our lives. Just imagine the past months of “shelter in place” without it!

However, the Internet began much earlier than you might imagine. In fact, it started on October 29, 1969 when the first message was sent over two connected computers miles apart and the Internet was born.

What’s amazing is, the Internet didn’t really change the world at first! In fact, most people didn’t even know it existed for decades!

In fact, here’s a mind-blowing stat… Right before the Internet hit its “inflection point” in 1995, only 540,000 Americans had ever signed on to the World Wide Web!

Now, “Phase 2” began because of one specific event: the launch of web browsers that allowed millions of Americans to easily “surf the web” for the first time.

And I don’t need to tell you what came next! By the dozens, new Internet companies became “overnight success stories,” and the world was forever changed.

But here’s the key point: I think it’s fair to say that once the internet hit an "inflection point", what had previously taken years or even decades of progress suddenly began occurring in just months!

Now, of course, you can see that the technology is now fully mainstream… In the case of the Internet, by 2007 a majority – or 62% of households – were fully online.

And at this point, investors don’t talk so much about the Internet itself, but new trends being built on top of it… it enables entire new industries simply by existing.


Which, once a technology reaches mainstream adoption, the question always becomes… what comes next?

Well, let’s take a peek at smartphones …

“Phase 1” of smartphones began when IBM launched the first smartphone in 1992. Once again, for years, the market steadily grew without a ton of progress. By 2006, there were US$5 billion worth of smartphone sales.

Which is respectable, but not exactly a world-changing trend!

But then an “inflection point” happens that kickstarts RAPID growth… And I think we’ll all remember this one!

In 2007, Apple released the iPhone, and within a year its sales were growing at a rate of 736%!

Now, we all know the kinds of fortunes that were built in the years after the iPhone’s release, so I won’t dive into details…

But the key point is that after existing for 15 years without making much of a dent on the world, smartphones suddenly experienced a wave of massive growth that’s still reverberating across the economy today!

There’s only one problem (or, for the savvy investor, a potential opportunity!)


Smartphones have now reached full mainstream adoption. In fact, during 2019 smartphones sales actually declined because…. Well, just about everyone already has a smartphone!

So if you’re looking to invest in the next era of technology… Well, you’re going to have to think A LOT bigger!

Even bigger than the ecommerce “inflection point” I discussed earlier...

Because while e-commerce did hit an “inflection point” of its own this year… It came from events we can all agree were, very unexpected.

5G is different because it’s been silently building momentum in the background for years, much like the Internet and smartphones before they hit their "inflection points"...

And the numbers behind 5G’s potential impact are simply astonishing. By the time it reaches maturity, it’s estimated 5G could enable sales that are:

70X the sales of big data sales in 2019

22X the sales from ALL e-commerce last year

3.5X larger than the spend on ALL technology combined

If you need to do a double take… None of these numbers are a typo!

So let me dive into the background of 5G and explain why I believe this technology is set to experience hugely accelerated growth in 2020 and the years beyond.

First of all, as some background, 5G is a technology that’s all about connecting the world. If you’ve heard of 3G and 4G before, this is the successor technology with one all-important caveat…

It’s up to 26,000 times faster than 3G! And up to 100 times faster than 4G – or LTE – the wireless technology that came before it.

And will provide…

1,000X the bandwidth

Allow 100X the number of connected devices in a given area

Provide a latency that’s 1/100th the time it takes the human eye to blink!

This is truly a mind-blowing, next-generation technology…

(And in just a moment I want to get into the far-reaching implications of all these 100X to 1,000X improvements, because I believe they’re a game-changer for literally dozens of powerful industries)

Now, long-term investors will likely remember that the transition from one wireless technology to the next have historically been periods that produced life-changing stock returns.

chart ca teaser

1G began in 1979 and supported analogue phones.

2G brought phones into the digital age with texts and pictures

3G finally brought the Internet to our phones

And 4G powered trends like HD streaming, which fueled the rise of companies like Netflix (a stock that’s now returned more than 34,723% since it was first recommended by The Motley Fool U.S. investors!)

Now, you might be asking yourself, “what’s so different about 5G?

Well, earlier, I displayed a chart of different U.S. market sector returns. You’ll recall that technology was significantly outpacing sectors like industrials along with manufacturing, financials, and energy…

Essentially, all the areas of the economy that have struggled to embrace the FULL benefits of the digital world.

This could soon change, however. Technologies like:

Artificial intelligence for advanced robotics that could propel North American manufacturing forward…

The Internet of Things for smart grids across utilities and the energy sector…

Self-driving cars that could take the automobile industry into the 21st century…

And remote medical work that could allow doctors to even operate across time zones…

All have the potential to bring MASSIVE industries across the economy fully into the digital age…

But – nearly across the board – these breakthrough technologies require significant advancements in constant connectivity that’s faster, with higher bandwidth, and lower latency than today’s networks.

And this is where the 100X to 1,000X improvements of 5G networks could be an absolute game changer!

Running the numbers, researcher IHS estimates that once 5G reaches its full buildout in 2035, it has the potential to impact US$13.2 trillion in sales… and generate 22.3 million jobs… and enable an estimated US$17 trillion in global economic impact.

And most importantly, its estimated impacts stretch well beyond just the technology industry including:

5g Market Sectors

5g Market Sectors

The bottom line is this: think about the impacts of the Internet on the economy.

And then think about mobile.

If 5G is truly powerful enough that blazingly faster Internet becomes like the “new electricity,” available widely across America and Canada’s cities and towns and completing this digital transformation of the economy…

How much would that be worth?

And as I mentioned earlier, the media and experts across technology are starting to notice the far-reaching impacts of this transformation!

Qualcomm agrees with what I’ve outlined above, saying it will:

“...change society in ways we haven’t seen since the introduction of electricity.”

– Qualcomm

The Washington Post calls it:

“The mother of invention.”

– The Washington Post

PriceWaterhouseCoopers says it’s a…

“Once in a lifetime business disruption.”

– PriceWaterhouseCoopers

The Financial Times puts its potential impact in perspective saying…

“5G promises to be a game-changer for humanity...”

– The Financial Times

But the clock is ticking... Because I think major developments from Apple have begun 5G’s “inflection point”!

And could lead to projected 60x 5G sales growth by 2023!

Now, take just a moment to think back to when the Internet and smartphones hit their respective inflection points that supercharged their growth.

As you’ll remember, both had seen massive investments before the moment their growth suddenly took off. As an example, before the iPhone hit, cellphone companies had built huge 3G networks.

So, it shouldn’t surprise you that the massive buildout for 5G has already begun. Dozens of American cities already have 5G, but it’s estimated a complete 5G buildout is a simply an incredible undertaking.

The estimated cost – just in America – is US$275 billion!

For some perspective, today there are 154,000 towers across America…

And by 2026 it is estimated an additional 800,000 cell sites will need to be built!

Est Towers by 2026

(And for even more perspective… This level of investment is more than tenfold what Exxon Mobil, America’s largest oil company, spent drilling new oil wells last year!)

So, what do companies need to keep up this massive buildout? Well, they need revenue! And to get revenue, they need consumers buying 5G phones!

In 2019, IDC estimated just 6.7 million 5G-enabled smartphones were sold across the world…

But we’re betting that’s all about to change, thanks to one iconic company.

You see, in October 2020, Apple finally announced a game-changer for the mobile industry… something that will usher in what Tim Cook called “the beginning of a new era for iPhone”…

... Apple’s first-ever 5G-capable iPhone.

It’s projected that 5G phone sales will rise from 6.7 million in 2019…

… and hit 401.3 million by 2023.

Now, while we think October marked the beginning of this “inflection point” for 5G… I think that’s just the beginning.

The real question I believe should be on every investor’s mind should be,

“How do I invest in this?”


The potential 18-fold growth of 5G devices this year… We think much of that is still in front of us.

The $13.2 trillion in projected sales 5G could enable… We think much of that is still in front of us.

The $17 trillion in projected economic impact 5G could enable… We think much of that is still in front of us.

But the clock is ticking down, and it’s my opinion that the time to build a game plan is now.

However, I’ll be honest with you…

Most of the 5G investing guidance you’ll find across the Internet… Well, I think it flat-out stinks!

In fact, I’ll save you a trip to Google! Because if you search “best 5G stocks,” you’re going to find names like Verizon, Nokia, and AT&T over and over again.

Now, these are fine companies… NO disrespect intended. But they’re already very large.

And I believe their upside is limited… and buying them would be – frankly – a potential “waste” of such a rare opportunity!

In fact, I believe the right questions you need to be asking yourself right now are…

Where are the 5G pure plays?

If 5G phones see 18-fold growth in 2021-22, there’s bound to be some companies experiencing massive growth from this space!

What about the supply chain?

I’ve studied semiconductors for a LONG TIME and know there’s bound to be some very specialized 5G companies!

What microcap stocks could take off in markets in which 5G is potentially unlocking incredible growth?

I’m talking about areas like connected and self-driving cars. What are the tiny plays there that could have massive runways?

What are the infrastructure plays?

I mentioned earlier that the estimated cost to build America’s 5G networks is US$275 billion, and over 800,000 new cell sites are needed for full 5G coverage! If phone companies like Verizon are paying all this money, where is it going? And how can you find the stocks that are getting their cut from this build out?

And finally: if there’s a new digital wave sweeping the economy… What are some companies that could be the “arms dealers” of this trend?

It’s projected that once 5G accelerates, there could be 41.6 billion connected devices by 2025 (more than tenfold the number of smartphones today!) What are the companies that stand to reap revenue gains no matter which smartphone or mobile company “wins” this next generation?

I’m simply convinced that any game plan built to capture the FULL benefits of this next generation supercycle really needs to answer ALL these questions.

So, I'm pleased to announce that for the first-time ever, we're re-opening a portfolio that's been built from the ground-up for investors who are looking for our top guidance at this pivotal moment!

Announcing Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle! Our top stocks for the 5G supercycle, all in one place!

The solution is named Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle, and it was built from the ground up to be a convenient and powerful resource for serious growth investors who want to receive The Motley Fool's top 5G recommendations across all our newsletter services and research... in one central solution.

And after launching in June, I’m proud to say that Extreme Opportunities: Next Gen Supercycle is already beating the market by more than 1.4 to 1!

In total, we reviewed research on more than 900 companies Motley Fool analysts have placed ratings on – and narrowed it down to a list of our top 31 stock ideas that could see significant potential upside during 5G’s most explosive growth period!

Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle comes with exclusive reports on each company's opportunity in this fast-growing industry that could reach an estimated US$17 trillion!

The moment you accept this invitation to join Next-Gen Supercycle, you’ll have access to our “core” of 5G pure plays. Such as…

A tiny billion-dollar leader in the self-driving car space: This (for now) little-known technology company builds AI-powered assistants with an eye to autonomous vehicles. While you may be familiar with companies in this space like Google, this tiny “pure play” is worth only about 1/430th as much!

In addition, Next-Gen Supercycle contains our No. 1 play for that US$275 billion American infrastructure buildout…

And some of our highest-conviction 5G “arms dealers” – or stocks we believe benefit from the growth of 5G no matter if Verizon, AT&T… Or any other company ultimately comes out on top!

And Next-Gen Supercycle is built to be your one-stop resource for this pivotal time!

The team inside Next-Gen Supercycle is simply laser-focused on all the potential impacts of 5G’s growth and is aiming to build a “one-stop shop” for this important mega trend.

As I showed earlier, its projected 5G could impact an estimated US$17 trillion in economic growth and potentially re-shape more than a dozen powerful industries.

With the Motley Fool’s long track-record of building wealth across the entirety of transformative digital trends, we’ve designed Next-Gen Supercycle to capture what we’ve pinpointed as the full spectrum of opportunities in the 5G’s economy-wide “digital transformation.”

So as part of our complete game plan inside Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycles, you’ll also receive recommendations of stocks our team believes are leaders in markets 5G could transform!

From healthcare, to an explosion of digital payments, to plays on the creation of data…

You’ll have access to a portfolio that provides targeted exposure to the economy-wide impacts of this mega-trend!

And the moment you accept today's invitation you’ll discover allocation guidance, portfolio rankings, research reports, and digital content that are exclusive to Next-Gen Supercycle!

Inside Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle, you'll receive not only the names and ticker symbols of each one of our highest-conviction stocks...

And while all members of Next-Gen Supercycle will be greeted with a portfolio of 31 stocks, the service is built with the goal of growing with new recommendations as the impacts of 5G across the economy grow!

Then, in the coming months and years, we plan to continue adding new recommendations and building out a carefully designed portfolio of top plays in this space!

In the weeks and months ahead, you'll receive actionable alerts on industry news and new recommendations when our team discovers stocks that meet our stringent standards!

In addition, we realize that a collection of great stock picks doesn't always lead to a great wealth-building portfolio.

So Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle comes with an incredible extra that could prove essential to building a portfolio that's supercharged with our top recommendations at any given moment.

We know that building a complete portfolio can be difficult; you likely don't have all your money just sitting around in cash today!

Instead, portfolios are built over time across events in which you sell existing shares or receive new income.

So, Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle conducts a FULL portfolio ranking on a quarterly basis – ranking each stock in our portfolio from top to bottom – so you can continually receive our most up-to-date guidance whenever you're ready to purchase new stocks and increase your portfolio's exposure to our top 5G plays!

Finally, in addition to our collection of 31 stocks, continuing recommendations, allocation guidance, and portfolio ranking reports – we're also pleased to announce a resource that ensures you're ahead of all major 5G developments.

That is, Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle comes with continuing commentary and dispatches from our team.

So, whenever the most important news is happening in this fast-moving industry, you can have the peace of mind to know you're receiving only the best intel from our expert team!

Speaking of our expert team…

Next-Gen Supercycle is led by an investor whose “call” on another breakthrough technology is now doubling the returns of the market!

Motley Fool Canada has built our Extreme Opportunities suite of products to be the central hubs where our biggest ideas live.

They're solutions designed for investors who want our highest conviction ideas on the world's most promising trends!

In June 2019 Motley Fool Canada launched Extreme Opportunities: Augmented Reality, a portfolio of stocks targeting a technology that Apple is reportedly betting BIG on for its next breakthrough product.

The Lead Advisor on Extreme Opportunities: AR is Jason Moser, who, in a little more than a year’s time has recommended a portfolio of stocks averaging a 108% return!

And here’s what’s truly impressive… Across the same time the market (or S&P 500/TSX composite) has delivered an average return of 36.6%.

With Jason utilizing his expertise diving deep into trends like digital payments, streaming, and augmented reality, you can rest easy at night knowing Extreme Opportunity: Next-Gen Supercycle is led by one of The Motley Fool’s foremost technology experts!

What kinds of returns is Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle targeting?

Now, with 5G phone sales projected to be 60-fold by 2023…

And a coming wave of 5G infrastructure buildout experts believe will cost US$275 billion in just the U.S. alone…

AND 5G projected to have a global impact of US$17 trillion in sales by 2035…

I trust you can see why we’re so excited about this market!

Which may bring up another question in your mind: “What kind of returns are we targeting?”

Lead Advisor Jason Moser and his team are aiming to build a diversified portfolio – containing stocks of different potential risk and upside – that they believe can achieve 6X to 7X growth across the next decade!

This level of returns would very likely be far in advance of the market if achieved, but we’re confident investing in the right opportunities in 5G at early time frames in its potential growth could deliver compelling returns!

Accepting today's Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle invitation gives you FULL access to Members-only pricing and perks!

Now, as you might expect, access to Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle isn’t free. But it’s a whole lot less than you might think

Consider the extensive research you’ve just witnessed on recent market events and historical “inflection points”…

And then consider the costs associated with paying our global research team to research more than 900 stocks – from which they’ve selected only a handful that meet our stringent criteria inside Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle.

Simply put, you’ve seen the data behind why 5G could be the NEXT explosive technology that follows in the footsteps of past mega-trends like the Internet and smartphones…

And our goal is simply nothing less than giving investors committed to investing in this powerful trend the absolute best solution possible.

With complete quarterly portfolio re-rankings and reviews, exclusive reports, new stock recommendations, and market updates and commentary ALL focused on this single, powerful, opportunity…

We're offering one year of access to Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle. for just $1,499.

And like I mentioned, with nearly 5X returns in just a few short months since we first launched this service, I’m sure you understand how that membership fee pales in comparison to the potential returns you could make in next to no time by taking advantage of this cutting-edge research.

Now, I must note that since Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle is a one-of-a-kind solution designed to give you priority access to research developed across the full portfolio of 31 stocks that will all be delivered immediately… we simply cannot offer refunds on this offer.

You see, we built Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle for investors who are committed to building forward-looking portfolios with the right strategy.

So, if a group of short-term traders was able to gain access to Extreme Opportunities: Next-Gen Supercycle – they could quickly trade on its recommendations (such as the micro-cap self-driving stock that’s about 1/484th the size of Google) and then cancel without paying their fair share.

They could push up prices of the stocks and do a huge disservice to investors who are committed to this strategy for the long run.


Every member who joins through this Member Invitation will be fully covered by Motley Fool Canada's exclusive satisfaction guarantee!

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with our Next-Gen Supercycle portfolio, asset allocation guidance, continuing recommendations, and market updates in the next 30 days…
Then simply contact our helpful customer service team and they’ll happily work with you to provide a credit to one of our other portfolio services.

If you’ve ever looked back at recent years and wished you’d invested earlier in companies like Google, Amazon, and Visa…

Or sat on the sidelines while world-changing events like the iPhone passed you by… And wished there was an easier way to position your portfolio ahead of potentially world-changing events…

We built this opportunity for investors like you!

We’ve offered such uncommonly generous membership terms because we’re so confident in the game-changing potential of 5G AND because we’re so confident in The Motley Fool’s ability to discover game changing technologies ahead of widespread adoption.

Today’s invitation is built to help you take advantage of this potentially historic buying opportunity BEFORE 5G’s growth explodes, and the ground floor is long gone…

So if you want to join our complete investing game plan BEFORE this “inflection point” passes…

... and BEFORE the projected 60-fold growth this market could experience by the end of 2023…

... and most importantly, BEFORE 5G reaches a FRACTION of its projected US$17 trillion impacts across the global economy...

Then you simply do not want to delay.

Simply fill out the order form below to accept this invitation and begin investing confidently along with the information from The Motley Fool as we position ourselves to capitalize on an event that could be the biggest in a generation!

To your wealth,

Rex More signature

Rex Moore
The Motley Fool


Returns as of 11/6/21. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Suzanne Frey, an executive at Alphabet, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. David Gardner owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Tesla. Jason Moser owns shares of Alphabet (C shares), Amazon, Apple, Mastercard, Square, and Visa. Rex Moore owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), General Motors, Mastercard, Nvidia, and Square. Tom Gardner owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), Mastercard, Netflix, Square, and Tesla. The Motley Fool owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), Amazon, Apple, Mastercard, Netflix, Nvidia, Square, Tesla, and Visa. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

Next-Gen Supercycle includes U.S. stocks. All billing is in CAD. You will be billed according to your choice below and then $1,499 for each year thereafter.

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