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After helping a select group of Motley Fool Canada members like you achieve massive returns, beating the S&P/TSX Composite Index by a factor of nearly 2 to 1...

You’re invited to follow along — trade for trade — as Tom Gardner and The Motley Fool Canada build a portfolio of founder-led stocks that they believe have 500% upside potential…

When you become a member of The Partnership Portfolio.

Not only will you lock in a steep discount…

You’ll gain access to the complete U.S. and TSX portfolio that Tom and our team will be backing with $400,000 of The Motley Fool Canada’s own money! You’ll be able to sleep well tonight knowing your entire membership is backed by Tom’s satisfaction guarantee!

Just don’t delay…

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Dear investor,

If the past year has taught us anything as investors…

It’s that when the world gets turned upside down and panic sets in, having a well-crafted game plan for your investment portfolio can allow you to take advantage of market dips and potentially accelerate your progress toward investing goals by years

...while NOT having one can be absolutely ruinous to your and your family’s wealth.

So if you’re like so many other Motley Fool Canada members I’ve met over the years who are always looking to improve their returns, I’d like you to imagine knowing exactly which stocks should be in your portfolio – which ones to buy, which to sell, and how much money you should commit to each trade.

Imagine having the confidence of knowing you don’t have just one or two great stock picks but an entire portfolio of stocks working together to deliver you potentially market-crushing returns.

If you’re like me, you don’t want a patchwork of random stocks…you demand explicit asset allocation guidance that simply removes all the guesswork. And although past performance isn’t an indicator of future results, you want a track record that proves it works — even through market volatility like we saw in 2020.

A track record of beating the S&P/TSX Composite Index by a factor of nearly 2-to-1 since January 2019.

Thankfully, I’ve got great news for both of us.

If 2020 taught us anything as investors…

But before I get to that, allow me to provide some background...

A few years ago, Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner announced a Motley Fool Canada investing service that allows individual members like you to follow along — trade for trade — as Tom and our team build out a real-money stock portfolio with the audacious goal of achieving 500% returns in the decade ahead.

While that may sound like a bold goal, Tom is convinced he and his team can help members like you achieve that goal, because the strategy fueling this portfolio has proven to be one of The Motley Fool’s best strategies for helping individual investors generate potentially life-changing returns for decades.

Allow me to quickly explain...

Regardless of how long you’ve been following The Motley Fool, I’m sure you’re familiar with the world-class, market-beating track record we’ve established over more than two decades in our U.S. investment services.

After all, I don’t know of another company in the financial industry that has matched The Motley Fool’s ability to consistently lead investors like you to some of the most life-changing investment returns the market has ever seen.

I am, of course, talking about U.S. recommendations like:

Netflix (up 33,637%)

Amazon (up 22,913%)

Nvidia (up 19,739%)

Shopify (up 7,133%) (up 3,773%)

Now, as you’d expect, as we’ve helped thousands of our individual members rack up winner after winner, we’ve had countless investors ask us to share the “secret” behind this enviable success.

And while many companies in the financial service industry would prefer to keep their “edge” hidden from the public eye, here at The Motley Fool, we tend to do things a bit differently.

In fact, we’re happy to share the formula behind our success with as many investors as possible!

Which is why, a few years ago, Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner commissioned a comprehensive review of the various investing strategies, factors, and screens we’ve used to identify promising stocks at The Motley Fool U.S. over the past THREE decades.

And while nearly all The Motley Fool U.S.’s strategies have crushed the market over the decades, Tom’s team discovered that the most lucrative returns have been generated by betting on a small group of stocks with one unusual – yet extremely powerful – factor.

Namely, they discovered that investing solely in The Motley Fool’s U.S. recommendations of founder-led stocks would have allowed any investor to absolutely crush the market!

I know that may be a bit surprising – but take a look back at the stocks (and life-changing returns) I just mentioned above...

Amazon, Netflix, Nvidia, Shopify, and Salesforce… all are among The Motley Fool’s most lucrative U.S. recommendations… and all these businesses have company founders as their CEOs.

And this incredible performance has not been limited to just a handful of stocks…

Time and again, this founder-focused investing philosophy has consistently led The Motley Fool’s top investors directly to the market’s most game-changing stocks.

The chart below summarizes the complete findings from our analysis of over 840 U.S. stock recommendations completed late last year.

founder chart

As of 1/11/21. Chart refers to U.S. market.

As you can see, when it comes to founder-led stocks and non-founder-led stocks, The Motley Fool U.S. has crushed the market in both categories.

However, investors have achieved the best historical returns – by far – simply by following our recommendations of companies still run by their founders.

But listen, I’m not writing to you today to give you a history lesson or make you feel like you’ve missed out on some of the returns other investors have already been able to achieve.

I’m writing to you today because you’re being given the opportunity to invest in a small group of founder-led stocks – from both the U.S. and Canada – that we here at Motley Fool Canada believe represent one of the greatest buying opportunities we’ve seen.

For a limited time only, we’re inviting new members into our “highest conviction ever” portfolio – The Partnership Portfolio … pulling back the curtain on the stocks we believe offer the sheer greatest upside for investors who get in today.

The Partnership Portfolio is your chance to invest in our most explosive founder-led stock recommendations!

This groundbreaking investing solution was specifically built to help Canadian investors like you pinpoint the next generation of visionary founders we think could be capable of achieving returns of 5x, 10x, or even 20x — something The Motley Fool U.S. has been doing for nearly three decades now.

Like back in 2009, when The Motley Fool U.S. discovered MercadoLibre’s founder and CEO, Marcos Galperin, running a tiny, $646 million e-commerce upstart in a part of the world almost no investors were watching. Blown away by his strategic vision and commitment to the business, we recommended that investors go “all in” on Galperin.

MELI chart

Chart refers to U.S. market.

Since that first recommendation, under Galperin’s care, investors have bagged an incredible 8,239% return!

Or like in 2016, when The Motley Fool U.S. first caught wind of an ambitious entrepreneur in Canada named Tobi Lütke, who had a bold vision of making it easy for anyone to set up an online store – and you probably now know this company as Shopify:

SHOP chart

Chart refers to U.S. market.

And then there’s’s outspoken founder, Marc Benioff. Back in 2009, many critics saw a cocky rebel, but The Motley Fool U.S. saw a dynamic CEO who was building a cloud computing powerhouse positioned to host every bit of corporate data that connects to the Web – and disrupt Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle on its way to multibagger returns:

Salesforce chart

Chart refers to U.S. market.

And who could forget two visionary founders behind The Motley Fool U.S.’s most rewarding investments of all time? … I’m, of course, talking about Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Reed Hastings of Netflix.

Even though these two trailblazers are household names today, that was not the case almost 2 decades ago when Tom Gardner first personally met Jeff and Reed!

Many investors also wrongly believed Walmart would crush Amazon and that Blockbuster would surely squash Netflix. But luckily for investors who listened to Motley Fool guidance at the time, our U.S. analysts understood why having the chance to invest in these up-and-coming entrepreneurs represented a life-changing buying opportunity:

AMZN chart

Chart refers to U.S. market.

I realize these 10x to 100x returns from some of The Motley Fool U.S.’s most successful founder-led recommendations seem almost too good to be true.

But they’re real. And real members like you benefited from these recommendations! Within our research services, you can find the exact and verified documentation of these results The Motley Fool has achieved by buying and holding these incredible leaders.

And this phenomenon isn’t completely unique to The Motley Fool’s recommendations…

founder chart

Chart refers to U.S. market.

The research is clear: The Motley Fool U.S.’s bets on some of the market’s most dynamic founder-CEOs have yielded returns of 1,000%, 5,000%, and even 10,000%!

As you can see from the results we’ve laid out here today, time and time again, investors who have consistently identified the market’s most visionary founders have been rewarded with market-crushing returns.

At this point, you can likely see why we believe your ONE and ONLY chance at investing in the leaders who could become the next Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, or Reed Hastings is by embracing founder-led investing...

And why I felt so strongly about bringing this strategy to Motley Fool Canada members like you!

The Partnership Portfolio is designed to eliminate 100% of the guesswork that comes with building a portfolio in what we believe are today’s most promising founder-led stocks.

Instead of you having to venture out, wade through, and vet every founder-CEO in the market, we do all the work for you.

From analyzing financial statements… to digging through SEC documents… to conducting market research…

We built The Partnership Portfolio to be your one-stop shop for founder-led investing.

But before I explain how you can join us in The Partnership Portfolio

Allow me to tell you about our proven system for successfully identifying some of the market’s most promising (and profitable) founders.

As you’ve seen from the incredible returns we’ve shared so far, we believe investing in the market’s greatest entrepreneurs could be your surest way of owning shares in today’s highest-upside companies.

And while past performance is no guarantee of future results, you may never have considered using this unique factor that has a way to increase your chances of finding the next Netflix- or Amazon-like stock. It makes sense when you think about it...

Seventy years ago, what was the key difference between McDonald’s and the tens of thousands of other restaurants across America?

It certainly wasn’t better burgers...

It was Ray Kroc.

What was the difference between Walmart and the thousands of other Main Street stores it outhustled and outcompeted on its way to dominance of American retail?

Sam Walton.

And why did Apple turn every $10,000 invested in its IPO into more than $17.94 million today?

Steve Jobs.

Now, you might be wondering how Tom Gardner and The Motley Fool U.S. have so consistently helped members like you invest in visionary founders like Reed Hastings or Tesla’s Elon Musk while also avoiding the slick-talking “frauds” who talk a big game but always leave investors disappointed...

Well, the truth is, I believe Tom Gardner has a unique advantage shared by almost no other investor on Earth, which is that he’s not just an investor...but as the CEO of The Motley Fool, he also runs a multinational business.

Tom can stare a fellow CEO right in the eyes (or via Zoom these days)…understand what it’s like to be in their shoes…and know if they’re working hard to grow their investors’ wealth.

If you've been with the Fool a while, you may have already heard a few of the recorded interviews Tom has done with business visionaries like Starbucks founder Howard Schultz or Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher.

And while one of the reasons he shares these interviews with Motley Fool members is to pass along invaluable investment insights…

The other reason he’s flown thousands of miles all over the U.S. to meet with these business leaders is that before he recommends a stock to Motley Fool U.S. members or puts his own money in a given company, he wants to be able to look a fellow CEO in the eye and ask them the tough questions.

You see, Tom believes the ability to speak directly with leaders like Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal… The Trade Desk founder Jeff Green, … Shopify founder Tobi Lütke… and Netflix founder Reed Hastings… is the single greatest advantage an investor can have when hunting for the next round of founder-led stocks that will produce market-thumping returns.

Think about it – would you ever enter into a business partnership without having the chance to first talk to the other person one-on-one? Of course not!

Which is why it’s critical in Tom’s system for identifying founder-CEOs who have the potential to deliver multi-bagger returns to personally reach out to them for a private conversation.

And it’s these conversations – not to mention the legendary investment returns that Tom has been able to reap from them – that have so passionately convinced him that absolutely NO FACTOR is more important than investing in founder-led companies!

Of course, I’ve been convinced too.

Yet this system for pinpointing founder-led companies with the potential to produce the types of 500%+ and even 1,000%+ returns we're aiming for within The Partnership Portfolio requires much, much more than a simple conversation.

Just because a founder-CEO says the right things doesn't guarantee his or her company will be a big winner!

In fact, you'd be surprised how many of the world's most "popular" founders are running companies with shockingly low upside...

Which is why Tom’s system for evaluating founder-led companies contains several more crucial steps.

By that, I mean it solely focuses on founder-led companies with…

Rock-solid brands (like Reed Hastings has done with Netflix)...

Exceptional competitive advantages (like Jeff Bezos has done with Amazon)…

Long-term-focused, shareholder-friendly management (like Warren Buffett has done with Berkshire Hathaway)...

An ability to create products and services that feed consumer demand (like Tobi Lütke has done with Shopify)...

And a plan for long-term expansion (like Mark Zuckerberg has done with Facebook)...

... that we think can continue to grow their market, crank out cash, and reward long-term shareholders for years or even decades to come…

No matter WHAT the overall market does.

Still, to make big returns on founder-led stocks, you must find leaders who fit nearly all of these criteria! It’s no easy task, believe me… In fact, many investors have lost a fortune precisely because they went “all in” on a company that looked great for two or three of these factors, but was sorely lacking in the others…

Which is exactly why I’ve adopted Tom’s “X-Factor” investing philosophy above, and why I’m so eager to share it with Canadian investors like you!

The Partnership Portfolio gives you instant exposure to ALL 35 of my top founder-led stocks.

And you don’t have to take my word for it that this strategy works as well in Canada as it has in the U.S.!

Since we first brought The Partnership Portfolio to Canadian investors like you, we’ve beaten the S&P 500/TSX Composite nearly 2 to 1!

You can see why I'm so convinced practically every investor should have exposure in their portfolio to founder-led companies.

And if you agree, then I'd love to quickly tell you why accepting this invitation to The Partnership Portfolio could be the single most important decision you make for your investment portfolio during this wild year of investing..

As you may know, most investing solutions that solely target high-conviction stocks that have the potential to hand investors returns of 5x or more typically offer just a handful of stocks...

Then, over the course of several years – as more and more companies are researched – it's standard for these services to eventually contain a portfolio with a dozen or more stocks.

Which would be a completely understandable way to run something like The Partnership Portfolio.

Because as you'd expect, finding founder-led companies that meet all of the criteria I look for in potentially market-beating stocks is extremely rare.

To start with, 90% of the founder-led companies I review almost immediately go in the trash bin.

And as I just explained, my process isn't some "screen" run by a computer spitting out a series of numbers and companies – it's real human analysis that I have spent my entire adult life honing and perfecting.

While this process has been able to consistently produce big winners... it also takes a lot of time.

But when I say The Partnership Portfolio is designed to give you instant exposure to all 35 of our best ideas that fit these criteria, I mean it!

Because with The Partnership Portfolio, you won't have to wait years for me and my team to slowly construct a portfolio that diversifies your risk AND gives you access to our most high-conviction founder-led recommendations...

In fact, you won't even have to wait months...

My team and I have already built a full portfolio of 35 high-upside, founder-led stocks that not only are fully vetted, but are ALL available the moment you join...

It's also worth noting… The founders and companies featured in The Partnership Portfolio are NOT large-cap blue chips like Amazon and Netflix.

While we love those companies, today we're looking for the next generation of game-changing founders.

That's why founders you will find in The Partnership Portfolio tend to be higher-risk/higher-reward investments.

In order for a company to be included The Partnership Portfolio, my team and I must believe the stock has 600% or even more upside potential over the next decade.

By installing this strict, high-upside criterion, we think we’ve been able to identify some of the most visionary CEOs in the market today – I'm talking about leaders like:

A brilliant, top-of-his-game, 60-year-old founder who was not only one of the earliest investors in Google (demonstrating his unbeatable eye for high-upside tech opportunities) but is now running his own show with a revolutionary open network operating system that’s servicing the world’s largest companies as we speak.

A 44-year-old founder who's leading the charge to disrupt a $725 billion advertising industry. With his personal stake in the company worth over $2 billion, we believe this trailblazing founder is "all in" on stealing market share from slow-moving competitors.

A pair of Israeli founders who are running an $8.28 billion company that has been growing like gangbusters, using one of the most innovative subscription business models I've seen since Netflix reinvented movie rentals 20 years ago.

Those are just three examples of the amazing companies and founders that you'll have access to the moment you respond to this limited-time invitation and become a member.

And while many of the higher-upside holdings inside of The Partnership Portfolio can often be more volatile than sleepy blue-chips, you can be sure we're recommending only companies we believe you can rest easy at night owning...

Because as I’ve already mentioned, Motley Fool Canada is investing its own money right alongside you.

We’ve already invested $400,000… and we believe this real-money investment shows how much we truly believe The Partnership Portfolio is a complete investing solution designed to expose you to our highest-conviction founder-led companies.

And as you’re likely aware, many other investment services across the globe just love doling out their “brilliant” investment advice... tips... tricks... picks... strategies... etc.

But when it comes to literally putting their money where their mouth is, they’re somehow nowhere to be found.

Which raises an unsettling question... If they don’t have enough conviction in their recommendations to put their own cash behind them for the long haul, then why the heck should you?

Fortunately, that’s not a problem you’ll ever encounter in The Partnership Portfolio.

When we win with The Partnership Portfolio, you win! That’s the way we believe an investing partnership should work.

And just to be clear... you, as a member, do NOT need $400,000 to invest alongside The Partnership Portfolio.

Rather, The Partnership Portfolio is a complete do-it-yourself solution designed with the goal of turbocharging your portfolio’s returns. You can replicate The Partnership Portfolio in most brokerage accounts with as little as $50,000 to $100,000.

The Partnership Portfolio is a simple but powerful investing solution that allows investors who are serious about founder-led investing to instantly act on the absolute best opportunities we see in the market today.

And not only does this limited-time invitation give you access to all of my top founder-led stocks, but you’ll also be receiving our most up-to-date allocation guidance.

Just like everything else you’ve read about today, all this information is available the second you join as a member...

All 35 founder-led stocks (including the 5 new picks) that we believe have the potential to gain 600% or more over the next decade…

The up-to-the-minute suggested allocations…

And every move you need to make to match us play for play!

Given how much potential I see ahead and the favourable membership terms you’re about to discover…

I’m going as far as to say that this could be the best possible time to be joining The Partnership Portfolio.

If you already know you’re interested in putting absolutely everything The Partnership Portfolio has to offer to work for you right now – please go ahead and click the button below…

The Partnership Portfolio is unlike anything we've ever offered before – but if you’re still on the fence, here's a bit more about what you can expect inside.

To help you decide if you're ready to access what I believe is the most unique and powerful solution Motley Fool Canada has ever offered…

Here are the exact details on what you'll find inside The Partnership Portfolio and why it has the entire Motley Fool Canada team buzzing with excitement.

The first and most important thing: you'll gain access to all 35 high-conviction stocks featured in The Partnership Portfolio – positioning yourself for possibly greater gains, along with securing the confidence that comes with being a member of one of the most forward-looking and dedicated investment solutions we've ever offered.

And keep in mind, you'll have the peace of mind that your interests are perfectly aligned with ours, because your money is invested right alongside (and even before) ours – increasing the likelihood that we will reach our goals together!

What’s more, I also wanted each recommendation you'll receive in The Partnership Portfolio to contain the highest-quality and unique research Motley Fool Canada has ever produced.

Especially because many of the founder-CEOs featured in The Partnership Portfolio are not household names!

And since I can imagine most new members of The Partnership Portfolio will maybe have heard of only one or two of these founders and their companies...

My team and I have built a special research hub where new members can quickly and easily find information on the portfolio and the founders featured inside, including:

In-depth research reports on each founder and company: Each research report gives you our full profile on the CEO, a complete view of the company's strategy and potential risks, and a full analysis of each recommendation's upside potential.

The X-Factor Formula: An exclusive research report detailing how we found each company. I created this special report to fill you in on everything you need to know about founder-led stocks, including how to fit The Partnership Portfolio into your existing portfolio.

Ongoing updates: We don’t simply recommend a bunch of stocks and then leave you to wonder what’s happening. Each quarter, we’ll update you on everything you need to know about our holdings. And of course, if anything changes significantly with any of our portfolio companies at any time, we’ll make sure you have the information you need right away.

How much will it cost to put Partnership Portfolio to work for you starting today?

We’ve set the 1-year price to join us in Partnership Portfolio and take advantage of access to our fully allocated portfolio – at $1,199.

And while I know the cost of becoming an official member of The Partnership Portfolio is not "cheap"…

And that a lot of people feel very uncertain today…

When you look at the track record The Motley Fool U.S. has built on these kinds of founder-led stocks worldwide...

The team’s first recommendation of Reed Hastings and Netflix turned every $10,000 invested into $3,363,700.

The team’s first recommendation of Amazon and Jeff Bezos turned every $10,000 into $2,291,300.

The team’s first recommendation of Nvidia and Jensen Huang turned every $10,000 into $1,973,990.

Well, if the price of this service seems unreasonable to get access to the investing system derived from the research that produced these kinds of returns... this service probably isn't for you.

Especially when you consider that accepting this invitation means a lot more than simply getting your hands on a group of high conviction, high upside potential stocks.

You see, for as long as you remain a member of The Partnership Portfolio, you’ll also have full view of all future trades and adjustments we make to this real-money portfolio.

Even though The Partnership Portfolio will have specific, up-to-the-minute allocation guidance for each holding in the portfolio, we realize CEOs and businesses change.

That's why, over the coming years, my team and I will be strategically managing and optimizing this portfolio, so it’s always set up to aim for maximizing returns.

So if you ask me, all of the benefits I’ve outlined above make today’s offer one of the best and most advantageous we’ve ever put in front of Foolish investors like you.

Yet there's one important "perk" that's personal to me and really takes the cake...

Now, given how generous today's invitation is – offering you upfront access to all 35 stocks in The Partnership Portfolio...

It should be noted, we cannot offer cash refunds on this service.

As you'll understand, offering refunds is not fair to committed, long-term investors. We built The Partnership Portfolio for Motley Fool Canada investors who are committed to building a portfolio full of high-upside stocks with the right strategy.

If a group of short-term traders were able to buy The Partnership Portfolio, quickly make use of its recommendations, and then cancel without paying their fair share...

They could push up the prices of these tiny stocks and do a huge disservice to investors who are committed to this strategy for the long run.

report image

But, if you take advantage of this offer TODAY, you’re protected by our full Satisfaction Guarantee. It’s simple. If, at the end of 30 days, you’re not completely happy with your Partnership Portfolio membership?

Just email our friendly Member Services team. They’ll transfer your credit to any of our other Motley Fool Canada portfolio services.

It’s that simple, and that easy. No hassle. No runaround.

As heartfelt thanks to Motley Fool Canada members eager to get access to what we consider some of our very highest-conviction and most actionable ideas right now – as well as committed to investing with us for the long haul.

After all, it’s called a “Partnership” for a reason!

We’d love to be able count you as a new Partnership Portfolio member, starting right now!

Just click the button below, before it’s too late!

To a profitable future,

Iain Butler signature
Iain Butler
Chief Investment Officer
Lead Advisor of The Partnership Portfolio
Motley Fool Canada


Returns as of 12/11/21 unless otherwise stated. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Suzanne Frey, an executive at Alphabet, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Randi Zuckerberg, a former director of market development and spokeswoman for Facebook and sister to its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is a member of The Motley Fool's board of directors. Andy Cross owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Facebook, MercadoLibre, Netflix, Nvidia,, Tesla, The Trade Desk, and Zoom Video Communications. Bill Mann owns shares of Costco Wholesale, MercadoLibre, Okta, Shopify, and Zoom Video Communications. David Gardner owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, MercadoLibre, Netflix, and Tesla. Tim Beyers owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), Amazon, Apple, Netflix,, Shopify, and Zoom Video Communications. Tom Gardner owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), Baidu, Facebook, Netflix, Okta,, Shopify, Tesla, The Trade Desk, and Zoom Video Communications. The Motley Fool owns shares of Alphabet (A shares), Alphabet (C shares), Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Costco Wholesale, Facebook, MercadoLibre, Netflix, Nvidia, Okta,, Shopify, Tesla, The Trade Desk, and Zoom Video Communications. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy Motley Fool Canada owns shares of Shopify.

The Partnership Portfolio includes U.S. stocks. All billing is in CAD. You will be billed according to your choice below and then $1199 for each year thereafter.

This product is non-refundable.

Having trouble ordering or have any questions for us? Just send them to, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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